Maybe you often hear domino card game, domino card game is played by many people in general, as a stress reliever and wasted time, but many of us do not know than the emergence of this game which the game is very interesting and must have a skill who is able to read the cards on your opponent with the cards issued with them you will really enjoy this game and make you entertained in it, with the development of the times and technology makes you no longer need to play with the usual, but now you can play Sbobet Mobile and can fight your domino card player in Indonesia to know how strong your ability in playing the domino card.

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The word dominoes may be derived from the Latin word Dominus The originators of many Dominoes became Scottish priests and ablative English or dative dominoes became French and then British dominoes. finally with a long journey the domino has become a popular game. the game is played in groups and often become friends at the time was staying up or again meronda with friends. Sometimes dominoes are often played just for fun while waiting for time or a trade is quiet.

The history of dominoes comes with several versions but everything remains the domino game coming from china. Early versions of the domino game were known in 1120 AD while the second version of domino was played by Hung Ming in 181-234 AD.
While other historians with the third version of the game domino already known at the time of the position of Keung Tai Kung about 1,100 years before Christ. But the chinese tradition historian Chu sz yam believes in the first version, he thinks this game is made by a civil servant. where then by Hui Tsung ie Kao Tsung emperor spread across the world in the period 1127 until the period 1163. From china this game spread to europe.

While other historian Michael Dummet wrote the Game Of Tarot domino playable in Venice and Naples early in the 18th century but it is still questionable whether the same way of playing in china with europe they used to play in the domino card game.